Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Builder of the House

At dawn, after attaining enlightenment, the Buddha said:

"I have had numerous births.
In vain have I sought the builder of the house.
Oh, the torment of perpetual rebirth!
But I have seen you at last,
O builder of the house.
You no longer build the house.
The rafters are broken;
the old walls are down.
The ancient mountain crumbles;
the mind attains to nirvana;
birth is no more for desire is no more."

Twelve times the earth shook;
the world was like a great flower.
The Gods sang:

"He has come, he who brings light into the world;
he has come, he who protects the world!
Long blinded, the eye of the world has opened,
and the eye of the world is dazzled by the light."

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