Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chakras and the Zodiac

Here is a TENTATIVE, SPECULATIVE, suggested correspondence between the parts of the subtle system (seven Chakras, Kundalini and Void) and the twelve signs of the zodiac. And also the Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious.
Notice that we are ascending in a serpentine fashion, oscillating from left to right and back again.

This is the way the Kundalini moves.

CAPRICORN - Earth - Chakra = Left Mooladhara and Left/Back Agyna,
Presiding Deity = Shri Ganesha,
Archetype = (The Child), Quality = overcoming obstacles

AQUARIUS - Air - The Kundalini, the Divine Breath, The Cool Breeze of the Holy Spirit.
Note: the Kundalini is not a chakra, but the source of the energy that nourishes them.

PISCES - Water - Void
(The Ocean of Illusion, and the Wise old man or woman/Guru that takes one across it)

ARIES - Fire - Right Mooladhara and Right/Front Agnya, Shri Kartikeya
(The Warrior) destroying negativity.
Note Shri Kartikeya is a warrior child, and the sign Aries fits that description better than any other.

TAURUS - Earth- Left Swadisthana?

GEMINI - Air - Right Swadisthana, Shri Hanumana, Mercury
(The Trickster)

CANCER - Water - Left Nabhi -Left heart
(The Housewife), motherliness, food

LEO - Fire - Right Heart, Shri Rama,
(The Solar Hero)
Note: the right nabhi chakra is associated with royal dignity, so perhaps it is also ruled by Leo.

VIRGO - Earth - Left Visshuddhi, Shri Vishnumaya
(The Virgin)

LIBRA - Air - Right Visshuddhi?
Note: the quality of the right visshuddhi is diplomacy. In Astrology Libra is associated with that.

SCORPIO - Water - Left Sahasrara, Brahmarandhra, rebirth/death of ego

SAGITTARIUS - Fire - Right Sahasrara, Shri Kalki (Horse-headed deity)

Note: in the Indian calendar the year starts with the sign Capricorn,
and it is an alternative to Aries as the first sign of the zodiac.

Each of the seven chakras has a left and a right aspect.
The left aspects are of the Yin elements (earth and water) while the right side is Yang (fire and air).
There is a strong link between the Mooladhara and Agnya chakras.
HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi has mentioned the correspondence between several of the signs and chakras,

and I have based the above on these insights.
To my knowledge Shri Mataji hasn't physically drawn a chart like this but has referred to the signs and their chakra in different talks. I merely did the chart as a summary of that
and tried to fill in the gaps in a speculative but logical manner.


leoeris said...

Some sort of graphic would be most appreciated. Even a simple one. Maybe I am volunteering to do that.

jeronimus said...

Yes, it's a bit confusing.
I'll see what I can find.

leoeris said...


Nancy Baumgarten said...

HI, I"m realy interested in this comparison, thanks. I have also just found a reference you might like to take a look at. Donald Walters book, the Art and Science of Raja Yoga on page 396...
see if this links works or just put these in the google keyword search. slightly different choices to consider....,M1

jeronimus said...

Many thanks for the link Nancy.

Anonimo said...

hi, who is the author or where you have found the body zodiac image?

jeronimus said...

Hi. I found the medieval images of the zodiac in the body on Google image search. You should be able to find it.
The lower diagram showing the subtle system is from Sahaja Yoga, and is based on Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's teaching s about the chakras and energy channels in the body. I added the astrological information to it.
Shri Mataji did not draw any such diagram, however She did talk about what the astrological signs and planets represent. There are gaps in that information, so I tried to fill them as best I could by looking at the pattern. I do not claim this to be authorative and emphasise that some of it is speculative. What I can say for definite is that Shri Mataji has said that the Kundalini corresponds to the sign Aquarius, Void to the planet Jupiter, heart to Venus, Sahasrara to Pluto and the Moon, Agnya to the Sun. Visshuddhi to Saturn. Mooladhara to Mars. If you know a bit about astrology you can fill in the gaps from what Shri Mataji has given.

jeronimus said...

Just wanted to add that if anyone has heard a talk of Shri Mataji, or spoken to Her in person, in the past, where She has given any information I've missed or gotten wrong, pls leave a comment and let me know.
Because i have an interest in archetypes, planets and the poetic symbolism of the astrological signs, I put this together in a mood of playfulness, not intending it to become a diagram in a textbook or scripture.
Others may come up with other theories equally valid. :)

Paul Pavan Keetley said...

Some physical parallels i seem to remember - Aries Head, Taurus Throat, Pisces Feet, Scorpio (mooladhara) etc. I have noticed kids in Aries inadvertently beating their heads and Pisces with foot issues. Just another perspective on the Infinity of Creativity ~ :-)

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You may contact and ask for the sources.

Also, on the treatments books appears info related.