Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Free Will

Using electroencephalograms scientists can measure the brain activity that occurs milliseconds before a person 'spontaneously' decides to act of their 'own free will'. They can predict when a person is going to have an urge to act, before the person is conscious of that urge.

"It is our brains that cause our actions. Our minds just come along for the ride".

"our most important way of classifying the world is into people (or agents) and things. If I don't have free will then I am not a person. But for scientists to prove that free will is not an illusion, they will have to solve the hard problem of exactly how a desire in the mental realm can cross into the physical world and cause something to happen. To date they are rather a long way from doing this."
-Chris Frith,
New Scientist, 11 August 2007

The brain is real, not the illusory ego that claims to have free will to act. If there is free will, it belongs to the universe, it is not the property of individual egos. This does not imply that we live in an amoral universe.
Like free will and spontaneity, morality, or Dharma, is a property of the universe, not a property of the individual mind.

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