Thursday, July 05, 2007

Shri Hanumana

Lord Hanuman is the Indian equivalent of the Judeo Christian Archangel Gabriel, or Gibril in Islam. He is the ruler of the right Channel of the Subtle System (Pingala Nadi) and is invoked to control the ego.
Shri Hanumana incarnated as Shri Samarth Ramdas (1608-1681), the guru of King Shivaji, who liberated Maharashtra from the persecution of the fundamentalist emperor Aurangzeb.
Shri Hanuman is the embodiment of energetic action and strength (qualities of Pingla Nadi), and Shri Samarth Ramdas promoted the idea of keeping physically fit through exercise.
His literary work, the Manache Shlok, consists of lines of poetry addressed to the mind, and may be read as a means of curbing it.

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