Friday, July 27, 2007

Being is indivisible

Like Time and Space,
Being is indivisible.
The mind divides up these universals
into artificial increments
but there is only one Self, not many.
We speak of 'times' and 'places'
but we know that there are no real partitions
in Time and Space. Even if one builds walls,
space continues through the walls; there
are no wall-shaped alternate universes magically
brought into existence within them.
However, with Selfhood
it is harder to see this; we speak of 'I' and 'you'
as if they were discrete objects.
The continuum of Self or Being, however,
encompasses infinite variety.
Just as each moment in infinite time
and each cubic inch of infinite space
has a unique quality,
every being (every aspect of the single Self) is unique
but part of a continuum.


clpatel said...

Do you mean Being is formless?
If so it is the Self alone.

jeronimus said...

Thanks for the comment.
The Advaita texts
declare that nothing but the Self exists. There is no being but
the Self. It is both formless
and form.