Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Knower of all Fields

Kahlil Gibran, The Divine World

"I am the knower of all fields.
When one understands the field
as well as the knower,
one has acquired true knowledge."
-Shri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita

The 'field' refers to the field of consciousness (the body and the senses).
By saying that He is the Knower of all fields, Shri Krishna is stating that there is only one Self. Until the Knower has been realised, this seems impossible because it flies against the apparent fact that 'I' know only my own field. But this possessive ego knowledge is in fact non-knowledge. The only real knowledge is knowledge of the Knower.

One may ask, "If there is only one Experiencer, why do I not experience all the billions of billions of fields, all the human and animal bodies, that have been, are, and will be?" This is because one expects to see the images of these lives and hear the words of their thoughts, but words and images are the realm of the illusory mind. True knowledge is felt directly on the central nervous system, not usually as either verbal or visual impressions, though some mystics have had such experiences. The Knower is the brain and the nerves, not the mind and the thoughts. This is why the Knower, and the knowledge of all fields, can only be experienced in a thoughtless state. And this is why prophets such as Lord Muhammad have said cryptic statements such as: "Your hands will speak".

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clpatel said...

In thoughtless state one is in the infinite so he can feel everyone. He is one with the whole and the whole contain everything.The whole is the knower of all.