Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Just as the individual, discrete selves are false mentally constructed divisions of the continuum of Selfhood, individual nation states are mentally constructed false divisions of the continuous surface of the globe. Though rivers and mountain ranges appear to define natural divisions between people, they could just as easily unite them - rivers can be used as a means of transport, commerce and communication between peoples. Mountain tops can offer us a broader perspective, an overview that makes human constructed borders seem arbitrary. The ego and the individual nation state are similar in that they do not have an existence other than in human minds. And the mind is not real, therefore they are not real. States do not rule us; egotists rule us.

"Just as [Einstein] sought a unified theory in science that could govern the cosmos, so he sought one in politics that could govern the planet, one that would overcome the anarchy of unfettered nationalism through a world federalism based on universal principles."

- Walter Isaacson, 'Einstein, His Life and Universe'.

Einstein was aware of the dangers of totalitarianism. A world government that became a totalitarian government would be total totalitarianism:

"Do I fear the tyranny of a world government? Of course I do. But I fear still more the coming of another war."
The Himalaya, the Sahasrara Chakra, the Roof of the World,
at the meeting point of the two most populous regions of the world
- China and India - and the former Soviet Union.
The centre of the central and largest continent - Asia.
A place where sages retired to overcome the divisiveness of the mind.
A fitting place for the seat of a world government.

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