Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Divine Twins

The Asvins

The Divine Twins have incarnated together,
again and again, throughout the ages,
to advance the evolution of mankind
and to demonstrate that all religions
were intended to be expressions of one Self.
Sometimes they are born into the one family,
otherwise they are born as contemporaries or near contemporaries.
Their Incarnations are complementary;
one manifesting the qualities of the Pingala Nadi (Solar Channel),
the other manifesting the qualities of the Ida Nadi (Lunar Channel).
In Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of India, the left and
right energy channels are ruled partly by the twin gods known as the Asvins. Sons of Lord Surya, they are said to personify the light of the rising and setting sun, and to be masters of medical knowledge.
They are also associated with horses.
Incarnations of the Divine Twins (who may be the Asvins?) include:

Lava and Kusha
(Pronounced 'Luv' and 'Koosh')
the twin sons of Lord Rama.

Buddha and Mahavira

Hassan and Hussein
the sons of Lord Ali and Lady Fatima
(grandsons of Lord Muhammad)

Shankaracharya and Jnaneshwara

Other possible Incarnations of the twins:

Sahadeva and Nakula in the Mahabharata
(they were born after their mothers prayed to the Asvins)

Shri Ramdas (Shri HanumanaAvatara and preceptor of Shivaji)
and William Blake, (Shri BhairavaAvatara)

J.S.Bach and G.F.Handel (born roughly a month apart)

"You Asvins
who gave a shout from heaven
and made light for mankind,
bring us strength.
May those who wake at dawn
bring here to drink the Soma,
the two gods who work wonders
and give joy,
moving on paths of gold."
-Rg Veda

"Great men have a curious way of appearing in complementary pairs. This has happened so often in history that I don't think it can have been invented by symmetrically-minded historians, but must represent some need to keep human faculties in balance."
-Kenneth Clark, Civilisation

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