Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lao Tse's Description of the Self

It won’t be seen when you look
won’t be grasped when you reach
won’t be heard when you turn an ear
It’s not bright above nor dark below
seamless and un-namable
It is from and goes to no-thing
the no-form form-source
subtle and without image
preceding conception
passing beyond
trace It to Its no-beginning
track It to Its no-end
It can’t be known
only lived as ease in your own life
to understand where you’re from
is the nut of knowledge
Lao Tze,  Tao te Ching, V. 14

Image source: Freer Sackler Collection


Kathleen said...

Lovely. Learning this by living, as well as by reading and observing art and nature. As always, thank you!

jeronimus said...

Hi Kathleen.
Lao Tze is a poet/sage I turn to again and again through the years, and the insight just gets deeper with each re-reading.

Laren Umphlett said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful page. I will share on my blog.

jeronimus said...

Hi Laren.
Thanks for sharing.
And for the nice comment.