Thursday, March 14, 2013

Carol Prusa

American artist Carol Prusa paints on acrylic domes and spheres, often drilling holes through the surface and illuminating the objects from within so that 'stars' appear on the 'domes of heaven' she creates. I particularly like the domes where the stars of light are nodes in the pattern, like buttons on upholstery.
Her intricate hand drawn and painted patterns are reminiscent of engravings from alchemical or cosmological treatises, and the drawings of Renaissance artists such as Leonardo da Vinci.
See more of Carol's work here.
Carol's website:


Kathleen said...

How lovely to find Carol Prusa here at your blog. I remember finding her work at Escape Into Life in an Artist Watch posted by art editor Carmelita Caruana. (I'll include the link below for your readers.) I love your picture of how to look inside!

I was thinking of you and this blog while reading Marilynne Robinson on "self" and "soul" and nexus of mind, etc. I think I understand "ownerless mind" in this way--that my "soul" or body/mind consciousness is one of a linked many...or a great Oversoul. Etc. Oh, you understand.


jeronimus said...

Hi Kathleen
Thanks for the link. I'll add it to the post itself.
Actually that's how I discovered Carol's work: by following the link to escapeintolife you put on your last post. I was interested in the beautiful photos in your post. I meant to put a link to Carol's website, but must have gotten distracted. I'll add that too.

I do understand.
I think I originally got the idea of minds not having owners (souls or selves) from Buddhism and Wittgenstein. But the non-dual Hindu philosophers are more along the lines that Consciousness - as an all pervading property of the universe - has a single Owner, but He/She/It is not a possessive kind of Being. When you own everything, there's no sense of owning. So we're back to ownerlessness again!

In Sanskrit there are several different words for 'self' and 'soul', indicating varying degrees of individuality or universality. English is a bit limited that way. 'Oversoul' tends not to get used much these days, maybe because it reminds people of what they see as Theosophical kookiness. This is a shame though.