Monday, December 17, 2012

The Strangeness of Self

"…if you think you know yourself, you haven’t looked far enough —- into that distance where your strangeness is. You hold more than you know, and that is how knowing opens."
-Heather McHugh
Heather McHugh, ia an American poet, translator, and educator

The Self can seem strange to the artist because the artist seeks originality, to say something that has never been said before. When the Self speaks through the poet, it is as if the poet is hearing his own language for the first time. j.


Kathleen said...

Yesterday I was reading old poems by a great variety of poets, and at moments it was indeed as if they all spoke with the same deep, wise, loving voice. I heard it.

jeronimus said...

Hi Kathleen. You are so right about the universal wise voice.
A lot of people I know have been getting back into reading and writing poetry lately. The world must be in an introspective mood at the moment.