Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Samuel Palmer on the Art of Etching

"The charm of etching is the glimmering through of the white paper even in the shadows; so that almost everything either sparkles, or suggests sparkle... those 1000 little luminous eyes which peer through a finished linear etching."

Palmer was the central figure of a group artists, influenced by William Blake, known as The Ancients. He was a friend and disciple of William Blake. Like Blake, Palmer had visionary experiences as a child. Contact with Blake reawakened this gift for the visionary, which was expressed in his paintings and etchings.
Since its rediscovery, the mystical, Blake-influenced work, he produced while living in Shoreham, Essex, has become a major influence on contemporary British artists.


Andrew said...


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Stille Linde said...

Amazing precious artist, I've searched for more of his work on the internet, thank you for the discovery!

jeronimus said...

There's not a lot of images of his work available to us. Tragically, after Palmer's death, his son (I think) destroyed a lot of his work because he didn't think people would understand it.
Blake and Palmer were ahead of their time in style (despite their love of the archaic).