Saturday, December 12, 2009

At the Art Gallery of NSW

The Equivalence Of Self and Universe, 1824, (detail)

An exhibition currently at the AGNSW, Garden and Cosmos, includes paintings inspired by the Nath tradition of yoga. The painting above, The Equivalence Of Self and Universe, illustrates the Nath non-dual concept that the Self and Universe are one and the same. The painting below depicts the inner subtle body with its chakras.


John Noyce said...

Is there an exhibition catalogue?

jeronimus said...

Hi John. Yes there is a catalogue for sale. I didn't get a chance to buy one though. Hope the exhibition gets to your local state gallery.

Molly said...

Hi John,
You can find info on the catalogue here:
The exhibition isn't touring, but it is on until 26 January, which might be enough time to get to the Gallery.
Cheers, Molly