Thursday, August 21, 2008


The word 'mysticism' sounds similar to 'mysterious', 'misty' or 'mythical', and because of this has become associated with things obscure, even obscurantist; however, a mystic is one who has a direct experience of the Self.
There can be nothing less obscure than the Self; after all, the Self is the seer, the experiencer, of all phenomena. By virtue of the fact that one 'inhabits' the Self, it is more concrete, in a sense, than the material world.
Mysticism is not occultism or parapsychology, it is simply the realisation of the advaita (non-dual) state.

The eye with which I see God
is the same with which God sees me.
My eye and God’s eye is one

and one sight, and one knowledge,
and one love.

- Meister Eckhart (medieval Christian


Eric Putkonen said...

Great post...simple, clear, and to the point.

Mystics are all about direct experience/realization...not about dogma or belief.

jeronimus said...

Hi Eric.
Apologies for taking so long to reply to your comment. Perhaps there was some reason why it didn't happen till now. Checked out your webpage - one can feel through the Kundalini that you are definitely a jnani and, you are to be commended for the good discrimination with which you have selected your teachers. They are all realised souls, I feel. (There are many fake gurus, as you no doubt know). Anyway, thanks for your nice comment. Hope you will visit Ownerless Mind from time to time. All the best with your practice.