Friday, May 02, 2008

Fragrance of the Self

Without a true teacher
man remains ignorant and lost

A lion cub became lost
and wandered into a shepherd’s flock.
He was adopted and raised by the shepherd.
He played and grazed with the sheep,
never realizing his true nature.

A lion came from the forest.
Seeing this fully grown sheep-lion,
he was amazed and outraged.
He caught him firmly and at once explained the truth.
When the sheep-lion saw what he had become,
he smiled.

The fragrance of musk
comes from the musk deer
but the foolish animal runs all through the forest
searching for the source of the fragrance.
If only he could look within,
he would find the fragrance within himself.

Says Kabir – My being is centered,
in between ‘above’ and ‘below’,
the splendorous experience is indescribable.
Listen, oh Aspirant!
Turn within and find your Self.

-Kabir. Contemporary of Ravidas (see earlier post)

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