Monday, March 24, 2008

Getting Real

"Suddenly I had the overwhelming experience of having just emerged from a dense cloud. I knew all at once: now I am myself! It was as if a wall of mist were at my back, and behind that wall there was not yet an 'I'. But at this moment I came upon myself. Previously I had existed too, but everything had merely happened to me. Now I knew: I am myself now: now I exist."

(Carl Jung describing an experience at age 12)

In the experience of Self-realisation, the individual ego is dissolved, yet there is still an 'I', a self, but this Self is universal. Only this Universal Self is real. The experience of Self-realisation is an experience of becoming real.

In the Speilberg movie A.I., the android child, David, asks the Blue Fairy to "Please...please...make me real."

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