Monday, November 26, 2007

Ibn al-Arabi

The Self is without attributes or qualities
It is one without the the quality of oneness
It is many without the attribute of multiplicity

By Itself the Self seeks Itself
By Itself the Self realises Itself
By Itself the Self adores Itself

There is no other
and there is no existence for any other than the Self.
There is no existence save Its existence.

Self and world are one and the same
Revile not the world
for you are the world.

Your actions are not your actions,
they are the actions of the world.
Your thoughts are not your thoughts
they are the thoughts of the world.
Your self is not your self
but the Self of the World

Withersoever thou turnest
thou seest the face of thyself.
Nothing that seems to perish perishes,
for all things appear only in the face of the
Imperishable Self.

You are unborn and deathless,
You gave birth to birth itself,
and you are the death of death itself

Know thyself and thou knowest God.

Inspired by a reading of Ibn al-Arabi

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