Sunday, December 24, 2006

The True Appearance of Santa

Saint Nicholas' skull was preserved as a relic til the present, so it has been possible for forensic scientists to reconstruct his real appearance!

Christmas time is a time truly thick with racial irony. Many people of 'European appearance' who normally shun people of 'Middle-Eastern appearance', go about merrily worshipping a Judean (Jesus) and venerating a Turk (Santa Claus), without the slightest inkling that there might be an inconsistency in their attitude. Yep, that's right; Santa (Ni-)Claus was Turkish (well not exactly; but he was from the part of the world now known as Turkey). Nicholas was an early Christian Bishop in Asia Minor who came from a wealthy background and liked to give out gifts. Of course, the Santas in the shop windows are always very Nordic looking, and his place of origin was conveniently shifted above the arctic circle.

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Nancy Lee said...

The very reason that the appearance of "SANTA" is a white one is because the image of St Niki and German Norwegan Swedish and Russian myths and stories combined. NO one forces people to celebrate it but down through the years people just took what they likes and left what they did not. I find your post very interesting in a time of political correctness. By the way my three oldest sons are half Greek and are considered "WHITE"!