Friday, September 15, 2006

Online Social Networking Sites

Thoughts from an Ownerless Mind
What strikes you most about these sites [online social networking sites]
"They are all about real estate. You set out your stall, stake your territory. The whole World Wide Web is about a sense of ownership, starting from those company web addresses. But what I envisioned and built is about sharing media and acknowledging sources, without walls or boundaries."
-Ted Nelson, who in the 1960s invented hypertext.


Art Neuro said...

Don't laugh, but I actually met Ted Nelson in Tokyo in March.

jeronimus said...

Hi Art

I read an interview with him
in the latest New Scientist.
He has developed a new type of
hypertext called Xanadu that
pulls actual text from the source
when someone quotes it.

How did you meet the guy?

Art Neuro said...

He told me about Xanadu.
It sounded really neat.

I went to a big meeting of government and business people interested in popular culture and somehow he was roped into going on the same night I was. He's quite an interesting guy to chat to.